We believe ecosystems thrive when stacks are built to tackle and solve long-term systemic problems. This is our stack.

  • About impact

    Impact First

    Our work has impacted 51 million people so far. We are on a mission to improve a billion lives by 2030. 

  • About time

    Long Now

    We are adopting a contrarian position and building for a world we will never see. Earth 2100.

  • Earth

    Global Footprint

    We are an all-remote organization and our work has created systemic change in over 30 countries so far.


  • Mindset


    When curiosity becomes a mindset it creates opportunity. It unlocks massive growth by exploring and extending the fringes of our knowledge. This is how we’re building a culture of possibility.

  • Spirit


    We believe in a "culture where peers inspire peers, in which each employee acts like a leader, pushing the culture forward. People like us do things like this. People like us, care."

  • Action


    We exhibit a strong bias towards action and constant improvement in everything we do. We believe progress is a worthy compromise to perfection as long as our worldview is being accomplished.

  • Effect


    Long-lasting impact is the bedrock of our purpose. We want to do and make things that not only excite and delight others but are of genuine use in their lives.

Ready to do work that matters?

Heuristics for work@egomonk

We use these rules to aid and guide our judgement.