We exist to positively impact a billion human lives by 2030.

This singular pursuit of impact is the thread that connects who we are with everything we do across industries and geographies. We exhibit a strong bias towards action and constant improvement in everything we do. We believe progress is a worthy compromise to perfection as long as our worldview is being accomplished.

"We want to focus on the few so we can serve them better and matter more in their lives. Competing in a flat world with infinite options has made us realize that care is our last defensible moat".

- Sartaj Anand, Founder


We are all passionately curious. When curiosity becomes a mindset it creates opportunity. It unlocks massive growth by exploring and extending the fringes of our knowledge. This is how we’re building a culture of possibility.


We are all in this together. We believe in a “culture where peers inspire peers, in which each employee acts like a leader, pushing the culture forward. People like us do things like this. People like us, care.”


We are all infinitely courageous. Fear is the single biggest roadblocks to success and it is precisely when we are afraid or unsure that we need to demonstrate courage. This is how we combat inaction and keep pushing forward.


We are all here to make a difference. Long-lasting impact is the bedrock of our purpose. We want to do and make things that not only excite and delight others but are of genuine use in their lives.

We believe ecosystems thrive when stacks are built to tackle and solve long-term systemic problems. This is our stack.

We have collaborated with marquee organizations all over the world to deliver impact and strive to develop proximate partnerships.

"If our values and intentions don't shape innovation, our humanity will be in trouble"

- Julie Hanna, Executive Chair of the Board at Kiva

We know emerging markets will dominate the next decade of economic growth and our 2030 roadmap is precisely focused on serving our partners and communities where they need us the most.

Impact - 1 Billion Lives
Capital - $1 Billion
Countries - 100 Markets

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